Cyzner Institute serves a close-knit student body in our Day School program. Our school calendar follows a typical school year from late August to early June. We have a rolling admissions policy and can accept new students throughout the academic calendar year. Please note some students may not matriculate into a classroom right away as they may benefit from participating in our 1:1 services first. Contact Us for more information about our admissions procedure and/or to schedule an initial consultation or site visit. Site visits are conducted Mondays between 9:45am and 11:30am.

Our Admissions procedure is as follows:

Initial contact
Meet with our Director and/or Director of Educational Affairs to tour Cyzner Institute and share information about our services and your childís needs. If you have written medical, health care or educationally related evaluations on your child, please bring them with you. If we determine that our services may be appropriate for your child, you will be given an admissions packet if one has not already been sent to you via email or mail. A date and time for the initial evaluation and placement test for your child to work 1:1 with our Director and Director of Educational Affairs can be scheduled at this time or you may call to set-up an appointment post this initial contact. For those considering placement in our weekday school, you will be asked to bring your child for a visit as part of an observation prior to the evaluation and placement testing.

When you bring your child for the evaluation, if you have not already returned the paperwork, please provide at that time your completed application and signed "permission to share information" forms. Please also bring a snack and a drink for your child as well as favorite toys, books, etc. which are motivating for your child. Please also be prepared to pay a fee. All fees are provided in the admissions packet.

Our Director and Director of Educational Affairs will review any previous evaluations your child may have had with other professionals and then work with your child one-to-one, observing his or her specific skill development in different areas. A variety of assessment tools are used depending upon a childís age, grade, and needs e.g., whether in need of ABA services or tutoring. If time allows, we will meet briefly at the conclusion of the evaluation for an interpretive. After the initial evaluation, a comprehensive report is then written with recommendations. The report is sent to the parents for review as long as payment was provided at the time of the evaluation. Once a family decides to enroll, a customized instructional program is developed for the child whether attending the 1:1 sessions or the Day School program.

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