Case Management

At Cyzner Institute, we understand that every child and every family that comes to us has a unique set of circumstances and needs. We know that raising a child with learning challenges or special needs requires a range of services and support as well as expertise from various sources. It is this network of professionals that helps to support your family and move your child along a continuum of development toward a more fulfilling life. With this understanding, we provide support to families in collaborating with partners and professionals, coordinating and facilitating delivery of services, and advocating for the needs of our students and clients.

We are your partner in care. We can help to assist you in identifying ways to balance your child’s special needs with those of other family members. We can inform you of different therapeutic services that we offer in-home, in-school, and within the Institute. We can help you identify and prioritize services, communicate and coordinate with other partners in the care of your child and even help you to learn how to advocate for your child in certain situations.

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