Will’s Place/Coaching Co-op Program

Well-Being Integrated with Lifelong Learning

Children with special needs may present with secondary mental or medical diagnoses that interfere with the learning process. For example, children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) often have additional developmental or mental health needs. These needs/diagnoses may include but are not limited to: AD/HD, anxiety, behavior-based problems, depression, and developmental delay. For these children, it can be a struggle to lay the groundwork for emotional health which sets the foundation for higher levels of learning. Their internal and external behaviors and lack of coping mechanisms challenge their course of development. As a result of this co-morbidity, they suffer with significant barriers to their learning process.

In order for some of our students to maximize their potential to learn, they require additional external regulation and help with their ability to access executive functioning skills. They need specialized interventions to help build their vocabulary, expressive language skills, problem-solving/cognitive flexibility, memory, and reasoning. These students benefit from more of a multi-disciplinary, therapeutic education with continuous access to professionals whose knowledge crosses all domains of best practice education while heavily supporting their mental health needs therapeutically. In order for children to be able to develop strategies for coping- which will serve as a lifelong need regardless of time, place or ability- this type of intensity of service must be wholly integrated with instructional programming and delivered consistently over time.

The Cyzner Institute offers Will’s Place/Coaching Co-op Program, a program specifically designed for children presenting with co-morbid mental health needs who may benefit from a more specialized approach. The program works intensively on building strategies for self-regulation and self-control while integrating academics. Because this program is rooted in the belief that children perform best when at their optimal health level, biomedical services may be offered if the family chooses this option. Additionally, outside support from a psychiatrist will be strongly encouraged, and for some, may be required. Please schedule a tour to learn more about this program and unique coaching co-op.

Student Criteria:

  • Children ages 8-12
  • Labeled with, or documented to be at risk for, more than one disorder/disability; at least one label or
    documented need must be related to a mental health need/disorder
  • Documentation that the child is working with a psychiatrist or that you are willing to do so; you may
    also be asked for documentation that your family is working with a psychologist and/or counselor

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