Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behavioral Analysis, or ABA, uses behavioral learning principles to modify behavior and to help teach pre-academic and academic skills. ABA helps us to understand a child’s behavior and how it is affected by environment. Interventions can then be introduced systematically to encourage meaningful behavioral change. This type of therapy often employs positive reinforcement and reward to encourage behavioral changes over time. ABA has been documented as an effective therapy for children with special developmental, behavioral, and learning needs.

Integrating behavior modification techniques into all of our programs is vital to the success of our students and clients. Cyzner Institute offers ABA as an integral part of its Day School program for many students. Additionally, and as part of our collaborative care and case management protocol, we invite other professionals and partners in the care of our students to observe them in our setting in order to facilitate consistency of cues, prompts, and any behavioral management strategies (if deemed appropriate and with written parent permission). This helps to facilitate coordination of services and support for your child.

We also provide ABA services to children enrolled in other preschools or elementary school programs and as part of our afterschool offering. In-home ABA services are available to families so we can support them as they employ the behavioral management techniques at home with their children.