Tutoring/Educational Therapy

For children with learning differences and special needs, our 1:1 ABA/Tutoring/Educational Therapy program serves as a supplement- and in some cases an alternative- to regular preschool/elementary school. Tutoring is available for elementary and middle school students depending upon content area. The teacher-child ratio is 1:1 allowing us to customize instruction for maximum progress. Teachers follow a program, tracking each child’s responses and skill proficiency. They meet with the Director and/or Clinical Director/ BCBA to review instructional plans and adjust as needed.

For all students, we monitor progress closely, communicate regularly with parents, and make adjustments to individual services accordingly. Teachers can communicate with parents and other professionals who may be working with the children (written permission is required). Staff may model teaching strategies to parents during the therapy program, showing them how to reinforce the skills at home. Staff provide parents with progress reports at designated times during the year. If children attend back to back sessions, a communication notebook may be used used at parent request.

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