Creative Arts/Social Skills

At Cyzner Institute, we integrate Creative Arts – including music, visual arts, creative movement, and drama – with our programming as a modality to help address the physical, psychological, cognitive, behavioral and/or social needs of a child. We believe that although our students may learn differently, they can engage in many of these activities enjoyed by other students. Creative Arts provide a unique and enjoyable way to facilitate social-communication and/or to support sensory-based needs and can also help to support relationship-based intervention. Children learn to interact successfully with others, including waiting their turn, sharing, and communicating their desires and needs to other children and adults. The Creative Arts Program has historically been an essential part of our integrated, individualized service delivery model for our CI students, and thus we incorporate it into weekly instruction both one-on-one as well as in groups based on age, interests, and needs. This program is offered at CI both for our Day School students and for children from the community-at-large.

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