Shadowing/School Consultation

A ‘shadow’ can help guide your child in a school and/or extracurricular environment. A shadow’s primary role is to help the child engage more in the activities with the other children in the classroom or other learning environments as well as in social settings. The goal is to support the child in carrying over elements of his/her program at the Cyzner Institute that lend themselves to working on skills in the natural context.

The Cyzner Institute also supports families by providing consultation services with school personnel and other professionals involved in the life of the student. This service is part of our collaborative, case management model, allowing us to coordinate instruction/interventions, track progress, and ensure overall continuity of care for our students and clients.

For those children who see us for 1:1 instruction and also attend a pre-school or elementary school during the day or part of the day, we will (when requested in writing) communicate regularly with the school staff to share and coordinate our treatment goals and teaching strategies and monitor the student’s progress in class. This ongoing communication promotes student transfer of learned skills to the classroom environment. We can also attend IEP meetings and provide assistance in helping parents advocate for their child and ask for necessary resources and support. Please note that in all cases, for shadowing or any other meetings, we must have full permission from the other schools or professionals we are asked to work with in order to communicate or share information.