Therapeutic Approach

At the Cyzner Institute, we employ a number of different therapeutic approaches to help children progress along the continuum of development. We fully customize services and support to meet the needs of every child and every family that comes to us. Our goal in doing so is to help children build essential developmental skills that help set the foundation for higher levels of learning.

We administer sessions in a safe, nurturing environment so that children can experience their world freely in new and exciting ways. We work with children to attach meaning to what they do so they can be fully engaged in the learning process, build confidence, and learn to function more independently in their day to day lives. Our professionally trained staff provide age-appropriate instruction to help support a child’s development in the areas of behavior and self-regulation, language/self expression, fine/gross motor skills, and self help skills and/or other identified areas of need. Recommendations for therapeutic services are provided in the initial evaluation and placement report.

For all children receiving therapeutic services, we monitor progress closely, communicate regularly with parents, and make adjustments to individual programs accordingly. Our teachers and therapists communicate regularly with parents and other professionals (upon written request) who are working with the children in order to ensure continuity of care. Therapists also model teaching strategies to parents during therapy in order to demonstrate how to reinforce skills and desired behaviors at home. Progress reports are provided to parents at designated times throughout the year. If children attend back to back therapy sessions, a communication notebook can be utilized as well.

Children do not have to be enrolled in the Cyzner Institute Day School program in order to receive therapeutic services.
We accept select insurance coverage for OT and Speech-Language services.

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