Home/Parent Training

If you are like many parents of children with learning differences or special needs, you have a challenging task ahead of you. You may feel as if you are the only parent in the world facing these continuous challenges. Please know that the staff at the Cyzner Institute are here to help you.

Families look to us for help as they want to be able to employ behavior modification techniques at home and out in the community. Our Parent Training and Behavior Management Program is based upon parent feedback and best practice intervention. This program is open to anyone in the community. You do not have to be enrolled in any other Cyzner Institute program to participate.

Through this program, we can help to assist you in identifying ways to balance your child’s needs with those of other family members. We can inform you of different therapeutic services that we offer in-home, in-school, and within the Institute. We can help you identify and prioritize services, communicate and coordinate with other partners in the care of your child, and even help you to learn how to advocate for your child in certain situations.

Services offered as part of our Home/Parent Training include but are not limited to:

  • ABA home programs and parent coaching
  • Reports and/or phone consultation with other professionals and physicians involved in your child’s care as well
    as referrals to other professionals (as needed and with written permission)
  • Emails to answer educational and clinical questions that go beyond the scope of consultation done post a 1:1
    session or through daily conversations with your child’s weekday school teacher
  • Consultation with parents, teachers and other professionals who work with the family including attending meetings,
    such as IEP meetings, to serve as an advocate
  • Helping parents prioritize and schedule therapies and other interventions
  • “Organization 101”
  • Consultation and seminars for professional networking groups, physicians, parent support groups, schools and
    other people dedicated to working with children and their families

Additional afterschool options are available for our students and the community-at-large. You can read more about ABA, OT, Speech-Language, and Music Therapy under the Therapeutic Services section of our website.